Submitted to the Manifesto Jam 2022 hosted by Max.

This collection of three manifestos is an exercise in briefly overcoming self loathing and lack of confidence in order to post something I knew I wouldn't want to. Going in, there was no way I wasn't going to hate what I wrote. A manifesto has a weight to it - a certain connotation of lofty ideals and a feisty absolutism that I struggle to muster the energy for, even if I'm in many ways an idealistic person.

Regardless, here we are. Future Billy, let this serve as a marker of a time and place, where turbulence is in everything you feel and see and do, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to look at this as a necessary step on the road to a happier version of you.

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slime good... i like the second manifesto but a lot of it is bc i agree with the little sentences >:) and the third one also rocks. here's to nascent, hopeful optimism despite it all. i like the way the three parts flow into each other, but i also wrote a three-part manifesto so maybe it's just that i like when things come in threes.

im glad you kept the preamble thing at the end... i agree with the idea of a manifesto, or any piece of assertive writing really, being kind of a snapshot of a period of your life. which makes it automatically interesting imo. looking back at this stuff is what makes having a documented body of work fun.

it also made me think about myself in my early 20s. i graduated design school at 20 and directly went into working full time and ive already talked about this elsewhere so im not gonna go into it lol but i also had this moment of thinking about growth and how little of it i felt i did, and where i am with my life, being extremely frustrated with it. it took a few years after that for me to feel like a real person.

all this to say... im very excited for future billy. and current billy too! despite everything, i think things are going to better because, like you said, it has to.


thank you for the thoughtful, detailed comment cecile :)

LOL maybe i wrote too much

course not!

this rules!! be slime!!!!

also the bit at the end is deeply relatable, including 2019 feeling like a really personally relevant year only to get hit with 2021

Thank you for writing  this - its grounding to hear your thoughts, and heres to being more slimey!