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slime good... i like the second manifesto but a lot of it is bc i agree with the little sentences >:) and the third one also rocks. here's to nascent, hopeful optimism despite it all. i like the way the three parts flow into each other, but i also wrote a three-part manifesto so maybe it's just that i like when things come in threes.

im glad you kept the preamble thing at the end... i agree with the idea of a manifesto, or any piece of assertive writing really, being kind of a snapshot of a period of your life. which makes it automatically interesting imo. looking back at this stuff is what makes having a documented body of work fun.

it also made me think about myself in my early 20s. i graduated design school at 20 and directly went into working full time and ive already talked about this elsewhere so im not gonna go into it lol but i also had this moment of thinking about growth and how little of it i felt i did, and where i am with my life, being extremely frustrated with it. it took a few years after that for me to feel like a real person.

all this to say... im very excited for future billy. and current billy too! despite everything, i think things are going to better because, like you said, it has to.


thank you for the thoughtful, detailed comment cecile :)

LOL maybe i wrote too much

course not!

this rules!! be slime!!!!

also the bit at the end is deeply relatable, including 2019 feeling like a really personally relevant year only to get hit with 2021

Thank you for writing  this - its grounding to hear your thoughts, and heres to being more slimey!