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A Game by Billy Dent

With Music by Oscar Jenkin


And other assets by various generous and lovely people: https://pastebin.com/yWTw2zAi


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monomyth-mac.zip 213 MB
Version 1
monomyth-linux.zip 221 MB
Version 1
monomyth-windows.zip 210 MB
Version 1


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I loved playing this game. I saw it featured in an older YouTube lets-play and stopped immediately so I could experience it myself. The combination of music, shaders, and extremely evocative skybox work so well to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for a small and reflective adventure. Thanks so much for making and sharing this!

Thank you for the thoughtful and kind comment! Glad you got something out of it. :)

couldn't help but notice that the graphics are good


Had a blast playing this one. Just a gorgeous game all the way through. We decided it would be even better while high.
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Hello! I've really enjoyed playing Monomyth! I liked the feeling of running to the end of the adventure all at once, and the music that matched it. And the best part was the graphics, the monochromatic GameBoy like world and the beautiful 3D world that contradicted it somehow just felt beautiful and impressed me!

I am not a resident of an English-speaking country, so this text was written using machine translation. And I also made a video of the play and used the English translation as subtitles.

A funny little adventure game! :)

cool game, man!

Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below...as I said in the video it looks interesting and was a fun little diversion, but it's not immediately clear if I was doing something "wrong" or that was the whole experience...either way, don't stop making games! <3

Awesome game and visuals. 

Thanks for checking out my game!


Amazing relaxing game dev 

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed. It was very fun seeing you react to the bouncy water :)


Hi, hey I played this game and also made a video on it. I like watching let's plays of my itch games so that's why I made one of yours. I'll put a link in the description too. If you don't want the video on YouTube just let me know and I'll take it down though. Anyways it was a good game I like the artstyle and the graphics of course. Very cool dithering art. My favourite-part of the game was the clouds design, really aesthetic. On the second-run the game didn't notice I fell off the road and it let me fall back to the ground and IDK if that was intentional lol.


Thank you for checking out the game! Admittedly, I knew that was an issue, but I thought the safe area was big enough that nobody would fall off unless they really tried to xP. Perhaps we have an update coming