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Explore an intergalactic train and befriend inspect dozens of quirky aliens on their morning commute. In this galaxy, fare evading is serious business - Can you bring these despicably petty criminals to task?

Cosmic Commute is a surreal space comedy set in a world stranger than fiction: the public transport system. Playing as everyone's least favourite discount cop - a ticket inspector - discover that even unfathomable creatures have relatable problems.

  • Dozens of unique, lovingly drawn characters who'll make you laugh, chortle, snicker, and otherwise engage in joyous mirth
  • Card scanning action
  • An unnervingly accurate recreation of a real Melbourne train
  • Alien rap
  • A murder mystery..?
  • Beloved H-list game mascot, Big Head!

This game was made by the indelible power team of:


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Windows 106 MB
Version 1
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Version 1
Mac 107 MB
Version 1

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it's like a biblically accurate fever dream of every subway i've ever thrown up in. 5 stars


i thought the game would take hours to finish for some reason lol but other than that It was really cool and i really like the lemon demon ref lmao


Was looking forward to the first comment about that :))

is there a way to claim the game? i can't download it at the moment

Should just be able to click 'Download now' and then 'No thanks, just take me to the downloads' 


Looks great! but Text didn't show up for me in game... I'm on mac btw

oh? As in, the dialogue boxes were empty? That's worrying!

same thing happened to me, the text boxes didnt show up at all, except for the error, it just didn't have a text bubble, like literally no text. not even menu text.

Same, the text is simply showing up as white boxes. I think it might be fixed by exiting fullscreen but I can't figure out how to do that

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great jobs and funny :D

One time I was on the train, South Kensington line, looking out towards the stars, when suddenly an SMO comes, grabs my Mykee, and waddles out the window. To this day, I haven't been on a train in the South Kensington line since.

Love this game!!